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Embracing Divinity

Elohi Company Story

Nell Cohen the founder of Elohi Conscious Cosmetics


''Ever since I was a child I have always had a close relationship with nature and all life within it, spending most of my childhood preferably out in the woods building, being and connecting.

As I had the honor of being birthed into a mother, 

my perspective on many things were becoming transformed and I started to really get concerned with what we consume - on All planes. I started to dig deep into health and healing becoming aware of chemicals and toxins of our everyday life and natural and ''alternative'' ways of healing with plant-medicine, nature and the importnce of introspection.


I developed a vision,  

To channel the whole-listic perspective on health and beauty. A birdeyes view way of seeing, to connect deeper to our core as divine multidimensional beings - One with All.

Embracing our true raw selves in remembrance of our divine nature and nature's divinity,
as within so without, as above so below.

Because We are It

Just as each and everyone of us came to this Earth plane with a Soul purpose to fulfill, every single being on Earth, each plant, herb and creature in Nature serves it’s unique and beautiful Soul purpose,

in plants it is the wast healing abilities for the service of the health and vitality of All Life.

Elohi was birthed & continues to develop with the natural flow to deliver the message of remembrance

of our inner nature,

of natures significance,

of wholeness, our interconnectedness with All, 

& of wellness.

Because wellness is beauty and beauty is wellness''

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