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Originating from the deep caves of Mexico, Morocco, and Madagascar, selenite is a crystal used since Ancient Greece; selenite also means "moon" in Greek. Because of its translucent nature, people would often make windows out of selenite to allow sunlight to enter darker rooms.

The spiritual meaning of this crystal is rejuvenation and divine feminine energy. It also has a strong connection with the crown chakra. By being aware of the incredible energy of selenite, our worries and negative thoughts will soon fade away.

Selenite, also known as gypsum flower, satin spar, divine light, desert rose, and liquid light, comes with numerous benefits, including cleansing and purifying the environment to enhance meditation and spiritual work. Aside from the latter, here are some more noteworthy benefits of selenite:


Using Selenite Ensures Protection


Because it is a high vibration stone, selenite offers protection to people who use it and is a crystal that is best placed in your living room or bedroom. Selenite is ideal when it comes to absorbing negative energy. It is associated with higher realms, angelic connections, light, and purity.

Another great benefit of selenite is that it can cleanse your aura by removing stagnant energies and blockages. It is a great crystal for empaths as well, as they often become overwhelmed by the emotional energy they absorb from the people around them during the day.


Selenite Has Powerful Healing Properties


Selenite is a potent crystal, and it promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. If you feel out of balance or sick, try to meditate for several minutes while holding a small selenite wand in your hands.

Using selenite can relieve stress and anxiety and eliminate the negative energy that may be causing you to feel bad. It will ultimately offer you a sense of balance in your life if you use it regularly.

This crystal also can bring light down from the higher realms into your body. For this reason, it is perfect for healing, whether your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual body is in pain. 

Selenite Clearing Sticks

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