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Let go of problematic and lackluster skin with this emerald hued transforming skin elixir with rare chaga extract!

With the nurturing and restorative energy of Gaia this illuminating serum is an antioxidant powerhouse to protect and restore your skin. Improves the circulation by offering oxygen to the skin cells. With the much-needed oxygen, the skin cells are given a boost of energy and kick-starting into growing new cells. The regeneration of new skin cells gives your skin that healthy glow.


For all skin types. Ideal for mature and problematic skin.


Unisex botanical serum with a herbal scent.


Star Ingredients:


Miracle Oils:


Blueberry Seed Oil:

One of nature's most potent antioxidant berries. Because of the powerful antioxidants and high levels of alpha linolenic acid it's a perfect oil for skin rejuvenation and for promoting repair of damaged skin. It gives elasticity to the skin and helps slow down the visible signs of ageing as well as reducing fine lines.


Hemp Seed CO2 extract:

A sensational oil containing high amounts of vitamins and minerals including all 10 Amino Acids humans need and a perfect ratio of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Enhances functioning of skin. Balances water and lipid ratio. Maintains right pH of the skin. Harmonizing and protects skin. Makes skin soft and provides a smoothening effect that makes your skin glow and radiate with pureness.


Black Seed Oil:

Black cumin seed oil is a legendary secret of the goddesses like Cleopatra and Nefertiti, who used it as part of their daily beauty regimen. - Is said to cure all ailments but death.

It naturally fights acne and inflammation. Posesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, reducing clogged pores and controlling sebum production, as well as taming redness and soothing irritation, including eczema. You'll be hard-pressed to find an oil more nourishing than black cumin seed, which contains over 100 vitamins and minerals. These include vitamins A, B, and C, which help the skin retain moisture, maintain elasticity and fight the damaging free radicals that speeds up the aging process. Plus, the product boasts gobs of fatty acids, which reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Fades dark spots and discoloration from aging, hormonal imbalances, and sun damage. This is thanks to the vitamin A (retinol), amino acids, and fatty acids, which collaborate to regenerate skin cells, reducing the appearance of that discoloration over time.


Blackcurrant seed Oil:

Blackcurrant Seed Oil is a powerful antioxidant rich plant oil that contains deeply therapeutic properties that make this a wonderfully healing oil. It's a fantastic oil for use on skin particularly if you you suffer from inflammation, eczema and uneven skin tone. Its high antioxidant content helps to protect skin cells from free radical damage which can be caused by environment. It helps to slow down some of the effects that can come as a result of this type of skin damage. This is particularly helpful variations in pigment tone or hyperpigmentation. Blackcurrant seed oil works preventatively to help stabilise changes in the skin. It is an anti-dermatitis, anti-inflammation and anti-acne oil that may help to keep minor skin problems at bay by fighting bacteria.


Green Tea Oil :

A lightweight and ultra absorbent oil. This oil has been used since ancient times in Asia. Known to provide silkier, smoother skin. The tea leaves are rich in antioxidants, which protect your cells from damage and possesses a protective effect that slows the appearance of aging. The light, slightly floral scent of green tea oil also makes it perfect for aromatherapy purposes..


Magic Medicine:


Chaga Mushroom CO2 extract:

There is almost no competitor to the antioxidant prowess of Chaga. It effectively neutralizes the damage caused by free radicals and, therefore, slows the aging process in skin and organ systems. It is therefore being studied in topical skincare products as well as ingestible supplements for anti-aging purposes. Chaga mushrooms contain high levels of melanin, so when it is applied to the skin,chaga helps to reverse previous sun damage and hyperpigmentation.



Used by ancient Egyptians to prevent aging and maintain healthy skin. Myrrh oil facilitates the fading of unwanted blemishes on the skin, soothes itchiness, and reduces symptoms of eczema among other skin ailments. It effectively cleans, moisturizes, and tightens the skin, thereby reducing and preventing further chapping, cracking, and sagging.


Flowers of Life:

Blue Tansy:

Perfect for sensitive skin, damaged skin and healing. Preventing breakouts, blue tansy is incredibly soothing, minimizes inflammation and regenerates skin at a cellular level.


Blue Chamomile:

German chamomile has the highest levels of azulene, which gives the freshly-distilled oil its rich blue hue as well as its ability to help promote a healthy immune response. Improves the skin's appearance bisabolol in blue chamomile essential oil, helps reduce signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and dark spots by encouraging faster cell turnover while strengthening skin with the production of new collagen and elastin. Bisabolol is also believed to help reduce the risk of sunburn, adding a layer of protection against damage from exposure to the sun’s rays. .Reduces Inflammation. Has aroma therapeutic effects that alleviates Stress and Anxiety



Neutralizes the skin, controls dryness, and plumps-up the skin. The natural antimicrobial and antioxidant properties in lavender refresh and neutralize the skin, helping to clear bacteria and excess oil. Lavender improves the circulation by adding oxygen to the skin cells. With the much-needed oxygen, the skin cells are granted a boost of energy and kick-started into growing new cells. The regeneration of new skin cells gives your skin that healthy glow.

Eclipse Elixir

  • Present with loving intention massage 1-5 drops on cleansed and toned skin in circular motion using your ring fingers, which have the most delicate touch, avoiding the eye area.

    Follow with Crystal Roller and/or Gua Shua and lock in all goodness with an natural, organic moisturizer.

    Suggested use:

    Apply  before applying makeup.

    Apply after shaving. 

    Mix a few drops into moisturizer to get an extra nutrient boost.

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“I Love Eclipse Elixir, the serum feels truly wonderful on my face. I might actually say that this is truly a miracle product.” 

—  Ellen


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