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Why Natural Cosmetics?

We should be as concerned about what we feed our bodys as we feed our skin.

Our skin is our bodys biggest organ and it absorbs over 70 % of all we put on it.

Just like the healthiest food is natural, the most beneficial skincare contains nothing but high-quality plant ingredients, preferably from organic farming or from biologically regulated wild harvesting. The purpose of organic skincare is to support natural skin functions and to provide gentle, natural care, thereby making an important contribution to keeping the skin healthy at any age.

Ancient Wisdom

Natural cosmetics have been around since ancient times and they are becoming increasingly popular again by reviving the old concept of the harmonisation of body, mind, and spirit.

The ancient cultures around the world held the wisdom of nature, the universe and how everything is in constant interaction. They knew how the plant alchemy affected the body in its deepest most profound ways.

The plant antioxidants provide strong protection against ageing, the polysaccharides moisturise, and the fatty acids found in natural oils nourish the skin. Instead of being chemically synthesised, the active substances used in natural cosmetics are derived from natural ingredients using innovative extraction and processing methods.

A Holistic Perspective

Natural cosmetics support what is called the holistic view of body and mind. Body, mind, and spirit are seen as linked together, influencing each other. If one part is out of balance, the overall health will suffer. This concept is nearly as old as nature itself and constitutes the foundation of many ancient medicine traditions like Ayurveda. It is based on the assumption that the body has the power to heal itself.

Natural cosmetics are in harmony with our body's true nature, supports the natural healing process of the skin, its ability to regenerate itself and help bring it into balance.

This way, organic cosmetics are used to stimulate and support the natural functions of the skin. Whereas conventional cosmetics often try to cover up damaged areas and focus more on the appearance of healthy skin, natural skincare helps the skin to heal itself. Because a healthy skin is naturally radiant. Organic skincare does not merely fight the symptoms but the causes of the problem. That is why it is so good for treating problematic skin. Skin irritations occur when something is not right, either inside the body (for example, due to a poor diet) or resulting from external influences, such as pollution or even chemical substances applied to the skin.

Organic and clean beauty products are carefully crafted to contain high concentrations of superior quality ingredients. The elimination of harmful chemicals, by products and cheap fillers makes natural cosmetics the clear choice for a practice of self love and respect for the body as a whole.

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