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The Choice Is Always Yours

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Life is so precious

Along with the vast emotional part of us, a delicate and divine energy presides within each and every creature on this planet.

Inside some of us it is recognized and cared for, while within others it might be hidden, not yet discovered or perhaps forgotten.

If we are not aware of this energy, and what else exists in the world that is within - imbalances can occur and disrupt the quality of our experience as human beings.

We all want to feel good

And we are programmed to do so.

We are All born with vitality and a raw life force consisting of creativity and bliss.

We are born pure and loving. That is our natural state of being.

Then life happens

We forget our carefree and creative inner child.

We are exposed to a number of things that are of no benefit for our bodies or our minds, we start to loosen the grip of our self care, we slip into destructive patterns of behavior that come to affect our entire lives and often also the lives of people around us.

If the emotional part of you is not in balance, it affects the mind. If the mind is not in balance, it affects the body, which keeps affecting the emotions and before we know it ; we have a fully spinning circle of negativity, pain and agony.

Through awareness, self discovery, humbleness, creativity and curiosity we, as individuals and humanity, have the power to take our life force back into balance and to manifest what we are all longing for - a life in harmony, freedom and love.

To live in a state of excitement, joy, abundance, ease and prosperity.

Through creating and experiencing those states we evoke our inner child again.

Pay attention, for your body, your emotions and your gut are always speaking to you.

If you learn to listen close, the power to create is all yours.

Remember what the original you were programmed to do.

To live prosperous. To be in touch with yourself and your inner core energy.

In the ongoing process of building yourself, it is your choice what pieces shall be part of you and your journey.

Let the powerful creative force of your inner child that lives in your heart space light the path for you.

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