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Adopting A Holistic Perspective On Beauty - Radiate Beauty From Within

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Our body is the sacred vessel of our soul. It is the gateway, the very portal to the heavens. Every single cell in our body is constantly working in our favour, from a place of unconditional love - even when we are a sleep. From the moment you entered the womb, until the death of your physical existance. The mission of this divine temple, that is made up of endless processes and changes, is making you able to experience life to its fullest.

Holistic means having a bird view perspective on ourselves as multidimensional beings, where every single part is in constant exchange of information with one another.

Our body has natural healing mechanismes that we need to nurture in order to optimize this blessing of Life. Having a holistic perspective of beauty is essential and to practice self love on All aspects of your being in order to radiate true beauty from within, -and out.

Nurture your body

Nurture with conscious eating

Nutrient defencies are major concerns for health and beauty. Skin disorders such as acne, eczema and a dull complextion have all been shown to have diffrent nutrient defencies linked to them as well as balance of pH levels in the body due to eating a too acidic diet. Every 35 days our skin replaces itself and our body makes new cells from the food we consume. An antiinflammatory and plantbased diet has shown to speed up the cells healing process and resistance to outer stresses.

Avoiding processed food, chemicals and toxins at any cost is important since these substances cause inflammation, hormonal imbalances and disease. That's why you should consider choosing only natural, organic and nutrientdense foods and cosmetics.

Unfortunately due to the overprocessing of the land, food nowadays does not reach the same nutritional value as it was designed by nature. Also the stress of toxic foods build a protective layer in the abdomen, called mucus. This mucus hinders the proper absorbtion of vitamins and trace substances. That's why nutrient defencies is the silent actor behind most disease today.

Good news is that through conscious eating and the right supplements we can take control of our own health and outer beauty!

Also, remember that water Is life. Your body is made up of over 70% water and this fluid is essential for all processes in the cells, and to get that glowing dewy complextion of skin.

Get quality sleep

While we are sleeping our body regenerates, processes stress, consolidates new things we have learned and fights off illness. To get the most out of our sleep we should get 7 hours per night and try to align our sleeping habits with the seratonin vs. melatonin secretion, this are the hormones released in the brain during sunrise and sunset, triggered by dark and light. By going to bed in time and waking up with the sun is the absolutely most beneficial habit for our overall health since we balance and align with our bodys own rhythm. Devices like cell phones, tablets and TV should be kept out of the bedroom since the electromagnetic waves badly disturbes our sleep quality.

Get your blood pumping

Getting your heart rate up a little really makes your circulatory system going, this in turn makes your body release toxins and build up waste and makes it take up oxygen and other vital components. This will ensure a lovely glow. Yoga for example is a great activity since it is connecting all aspects of your being. Combined with passive movement such as massage and lymph drainage, physical activity ha a positive impact on our overall well-being and mental performance.

NURTURE your mind and emotions

Practice gratitude

Science has shown that we can rewire our brain and the way we percieve the world through consciously practicing gratitude. Make a habit of keeping a journal and write down every day what you are grateful for. During the day notice things to be grateful for and really feel the feeling of gratitute expanding, stay in the feeling as long as you can. This is actually what science calls neuroplacticity, where we start rewireing our brain from negative to positive, from lack to abundance. We are then starting to reprogramming our subconscious towards beauty of life and success.

This practice will make you start living a magical life full of abundance, and trust me, it will show!

Live from the heart

Nurture the relationship with yourself - and others. Practice uncontitional love and kindness, you recieve what you put out in the universe, so help, listen and appreciate yourself and others. Learn to deactivate ego and toxic patterns by observing and being gentle to yourself with the intention of serving your highest good.

Start living from the heart. There is evidence that the Heart's electromagnetic field is 50 times stronger than the brains and recieve information six minutes before the brain does. Actually it is the heart that is in control of the brain and not the other way around. And living from the heart is our natural state of being. We even have a nerve that goes straightly from our brain to the heart and down to the other organs, called the Vagus nerve. The vagus nerve has been described as “largely responsible for the mind-body connection,” for its role as a mediator between thinking and feeling, and I’m tempted to think of it as something like a physical manifestation of the soul. Also: “When people say ‘trust your gut,’”, “they really mean ‘trust your vagus nerve.’” This nerve connection is essential to our overall health and how we connect with the world around us. Connect to the heart and your intuition to find and follow what makes you spark and to live a rich and beautiful life.

Live in the Now

Shifting the focus from the head and the ego into the heart automatically gives the response of mindfulness, it calms the nervoussystem, combats overthinking and gives a sense of calm on all planes of your being. Also shifting the focus from the head and its constant stream of clutter and thought in to the power of the infinite Now really opens ourselves up to our fullest potential as human beings and to the gift and beauty of life. This shift can be quite a process, since we are used to lead our lives from the perspective of the past or the future, which is the main reason to stress, anxiety and depression. But taking small steps daily towards anchoring yourself into the Now through observation of your surroundings and body, mindful breathing (where you focus on your in and exhalation) and meditation really makes a permanent shift in awarness and is the path of opening up to what life really Is and to your true nature as a graceful being with infinite potential.

NURTURE your soul

Nurture with creativity

Creativity comes in many forms and shapes, you just need to find what is most in alignment with who you are and how you want to express yourself. Connect to your inner true self and find what fills you with joy and passion, create a habit that really makes you feel alive. Creativity and expression can be a wonderful tool for healing on all planes of our being and it lets us connect with ourselves and life in the most beautiful ways, it is sure a gift. If you are struggeling with finding your spark, meditation really is key.

Nurture with proper grounding

Grounding ourselves properly is essential for our whole well being. It draws back energy into the body for more vitality and confidence, focuses the mind, combats overthinking and spaceyness and makes us feel good and connected to ourselves and the world around us.

Nature has a natural grounding and healing effect on us, the frequency of nature, 432hz, is proven to have massive healing inpact on all planes of our being. It relieves stress, tension and trauma and connects us to our inner nature. Nature is nothing outside of ourselves, we are one with it and we need it for our survival. So spend time in nature, walk barefoot on the grass or take a day at the beach.

Nurture with meditation and spiritual practices

Just as our body needs nutrition so does our soul. A daily practice of meditation, mindful breathing and/or breathing practices like pranayama really makes your inner light shine and will guide you towards the beauty and fulfillment of yourself and your life.

Frequent selflove rituals, like a spa night or simply making time for yourself and tapping in to your inner self and your needs and to incorporate good habits in your life will take your life to the next level. This acts of self love is shown to release feel good chemicals like serotonin and oxytocin in the brain which will not only make you feel like the Goddess you are, but also start radiate this frequency of love and beauty from your energyfield.

Love and Light

Nell Cohen/ Elohi Conscious Cosmetics

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